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Market Research

Create a strong basis for brand strategy and marketing

How can you better understand your customers and stakeholders? How do you find out what motivates, drives or prevents them from choosing a particular product? Or deciding for for your company as an employer?
To find out, we can conduct qualitative in-depth interviews, focus groups and exploration labs. In addition, online surveys and social media monitoring as well as trend and market analysis provides a good basis for the development of a brand strategy and its implementation.

What we offer:

  • Qualitative in-depth Interviews
  • Focus-Groups
  • Explorations-Labs
  • Online-Surveys
  • Market-& Trend analysis
  • Workshops
  • Social Media Monitoring

Strategic Planning

Why customer centricity makes your marketing more successful

The market environment for companies, brands, products and services is changing ever faster, often radically. Business models need to be rethought and positioning needs to be adjusted to ensure that they convey a relevant benefit – or better still, a deeper meaning. Therefore, we develop your strategies from the user or customer perspective to meet their needs. The results: a differentiating corporate identity or a benefit-centric product, range and communication strategy.

What we offer:

  • Purpose & Vision
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Strategy Framework
  • Corporate Identity
  • Customer Journey
  • Product/-Range-Strategy
  • Communication Strategy

  • Co-Creation
  • Design Thinking & Ideation
  • Business Modelling
  • Personas
  • Workshops&Labs
  • Agile Sprints
  • Storytelling


A question of meaning: How to attract and retain the right people

Employer branding has the primary goal of attracting the right employees; which is not easy in times of ongoing shortage of skilled workers, increasing digitalization the transformation of entire market segments. Especially new employees in the IT, health and care sector are hard to find. “Post & pray” or interchangeable benefits don´t work anymore in order to be different or even unique as an employer.  Rather, it is about companies becoming aware of their higher purpose and their corporate culture, defining it and communicating it in an authentic way within the framework of employer branding

What we offer:

  • Purpose & Vision
  • EVP
  • Employer Story
  • Employee Journey
  • HR Marketing Strategy

  • Employee Engagement
  • HR Marketing Communication
  • Recruiting

Any questions:

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Branch Office Köln
fon +49 2205 9069490
mobile +49 171 8217219

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Do not hesitate to get in contact with an angel when looking for a communication solution or taskforce. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward meeting. To quote Jörg Wontorra: “Talk to us on the phone or give us a call!”

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